Event Security

No one can plan for every emergency, but careful planning of your special event will help determine the appropriate security solution.

Understanding the dynamic of the venue is critical to deciding what solution works best. The job of access control when managing large events requires strategic planning and resources. Each event requires a seasoned security professional to evaluate what tools are needed and how they are to be deployed. Security specialists may be required to test and review electronic security methods already in place to see how well they interface with other solutions. This could impact on how much physical manpower is required to harden the venue. Security events often require a liaison to connect with local law enforcement or other officials to expedite resolving problems. Selecting key personnel and coordinating your security staff will increase the chance of a successful event and mitigate problems.

High-profile events introduce other security obstacles that must be planned for such as; traffic and pedestrian control, street obstructions, paparazzi or media, personal protection agents for a guest and medical emergencies, to name a few. At the core of all successful security solutions is a highly seasoned team, layered and prepared to address conditions, planned and unplanned for.

Special events—with their combination of large crowds, complex venues and VIPs—pose a multitude of unique security challenges. The principals of Tactful Elite Security Solutions have extensive hands-on experience with large scale special events

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