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More than security, you need the right security partners by your side – partners who understand your unique security challenges. Tactful Elite Security Solutions is ready to be your partner in protection, and you can rely on us to provide the high-tech security you and your loved ones need to move through the world with confidence. When you partner with Tactful Elite Security Solutions, we will get to know you, assessing the special risks you face and working with you to address each issue. We are dedicated to the safety of those we serve, and we take your security as seriously as you do.

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From business owners to high-powered executives to leaders in the entertainment industry, everyone has security concerns. The world can be a risky place, and the dangers sometimes come from unexpected places. If you want to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world, you need to find the right security solution. Here are some things you need to know to enhance security for your home or business.

  • Both armed and unarmed security has its place. There are times when armed security is not appropriate, and unarmed solutions can fill in those gaps.
  • The right training is key. Providing security is a specialized business, and one that requires years of training.
  • Smart security starts with the right risk assessment. Until you know the risks, you cannot address them, so up-front risk assessment is key.
  • The personnel make all the difference. The security business is a people-oriented place, and having the right talent is what separates the best firms from all the rest.

Security protection is more important than ever. Whether you own your own business or just want to protect your home and family, you need the right security partners in place. At Tactful Elite Security Solutions, we want to be that partner, so you can rest easy while we take care of you and the people who depend on you.


The business world faces many challenges, but one of the biggest emerging risks is workplace violence. There have been a number of news stories recently, tales of disgruntled employees, fired workers, guns and acts of violence. If you want to protect your business, and more importantly, your workers, you need the right security solution in place.

For many business owners, the right solution is on-site security, dedicated protection that will give you peace of mind while allowing your employees to stay productive. Here are some key things to know about on-site security for your business.

  • Start with a thorough risk assessment. Until you know what the risks are, you cannot protect against them. All smart security begins with an intensive risk assessment.
  • Security can be unobtrusive. You may worry that visible security will harm your business, but smart protection can be silent and unobtrusive.
  • Insist on trained personnel. Poorly trained security guards could put your business and your employees at greater risk. You deserve the most highly trained protection, and that is exactly what Tactful Elite Security Solutions provides.
  • On-site security can be good for business. When your employees feel safe, they can stay productive. When your customers feel secure, they are free to buy, browse and boost your profits. Smart security is good for business – and for your bottom line.


Violence can strike at any time, and sometimes the most innocuous events turn into scenes of carnage. From concerts to holiday parties, from charity events to fancy gatherings, no event is totally safe from the threat of violence.

Even so, there are things you can do to protect attendees and give yourself peace of mind. Tactful Elite Security Services specializes in event security, and you can rely our training and expertise. Here are some key things to know about event security in an increasingly risky world.

  • Every event is unique. There is no such thing as standard security. Every event has its own security challenges, and the security service you hire must be prepared to meet them.
  • Training is essential. The right training is what sets the best firms apart from all the rest. Always insist on quality training and real-world expertise.
  • Security is both visible and invisible. Some security is obvious, with uniformed personnel, but security also takes place behind the scenes. This combination is an essential part of any effective event security.
  • Planning is key. It takes time to plan a great event, and it also takes time to secure that event. The right planning is essential, and you can rely on Tactful Elite Security to get it done.


From wealthy business owners and famous actresses to high-profile executives and politicians, certain individuals face special risks. If you are one of those individuals, you understand the importance of security, and the need to assess and manage risk in your personal and professional life.

Tactful Elite Security Solutions understands the importance of personal security, and we are proud to provide the best bodyguard services around. These are some of the key benefits of bodyguard services for business owners, politicians, entertainers and others.

  • Everyone faces unique risks. No two security situations are alike, but we tailor our bodyguard services to the unique needs of every client we serve.
  • Family protection is a valuable service. We work hard to keep you safe, but we also provide protection for those you love.
  • Risk assessment makes a huge difference. Until you know what the risks are, you cannot protect against them. We work hard to assess the risks you face, and even harder to address them.
  • Bodyguard security does not have to be obvious or obtrusive. If you are worried about the visibility of your security, you can put those fears to rest. Our bodyguard services can be as obvious, or as invisible, as you like.
Services We Provide
Our armed and unarmed security officers are considered to be among the finest professionals in the security industry.
Statistics show that security incidents involving executives and other high-profile individuals most commonly occur while they’re in or near their vehicles or on the move.
Tactful Elite Security Solutions has Executive Protection agents & Assets throughout the United States and offer Executive Protection services through out the world.
Special events–with their large crowds, complex venues, and VIPs–pose a multitude of unique security challenges that require extensive preparations and a high level of hands-on management.
professional security services
About Tactful Elite Security Solutions


Tactful Elite Security Solutions ( T.E.S.S. ) was established in 2014 and is a Florida based Security Agency. T.E.S.S has over 15 years of experience and Our team has provided Executive Protection and Corporate Security for several Fortune 500 companies. We provide a vast range of Security & Protection Services. We design and execute strategic planning based on our clients’ needs. With our risk and threat assessments T.E.S.S has developed solutions to mitigate security issues in a professional manner.

Our Event Security for Concerts includes Crowd Management and backstage Security Services & Search & Wand Screening At Access points . T.E.S.S provides Access Control for office buildings with a Security officer that will check credentials and verifies the correct personal is authorized to enter the building . We offer commercial property & residential property security services for gated communities and homeowner association’s.


Security FAQ’s

At Tactful Elite Security Solutions (T.E.S.S) , Our Main objective is to have the highest level of customer service and provide the best security resources available to our clients . Through the Extensive Threat analysis T.E.S.S provides we will deliver the best security solutions to alleviate any and all security issues in a professional manner.
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Security BLOG

Destination Brevard Interviews Tactful Elite Security Solutions

Earlier this morning Destination Brevard had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Tactful Elite Security Solutions and here they are sharing a bit about their company. If you are in need of local security experts, give them a call.

April 24 2017 | Press Release


Tactful Elite Security Solutions ( T.E.S.S ), Is starting 2017 off with new services. We have been doing our own research by keeping track of what types of threats and crisis management is lacking in security measures for keeping our communities, small businesses , and local companies free from the vast threats that are arising […]

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