Bodyguard Services

Tactful Elite Security Solutions offers close personal protection and executive protection services that are customized to fit our clients' diverse needs. Our protection plans start with a complete risk assessment by our elite team of security experts. We identify threats and vulnerabilities and develop a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety and security of the individual at home, at work, and while traveling. TESS Executive Protection Agents are located all over the world to keep our clients--and their families--safe wherever they are.

Successfully protecting a client is as much about brains as it is about brawn. Meticulous risk analysis requires a high level of industry expertise, and planning ahead requires a great deal of organization and team collaboration. No matter how simple or how complex your needs, the TESS team of skilled and seasoned professionals will exceed them every step of the way.

TESS Executive Protection Agents

Tactful Elite Security Solutions takes our clients' personal safety and wellbeing seriously. Our Executive Protection Agents are former and off-duty law enforcement officers and military personnel. Highly trained and skilled in executive protection and close personal protection tactics, TESS agents, regardless of their role in the security detail, have superior client relationship skills and provide discreet, professional service. They're intelligent, educated, and trained to handle intense pressure, diffuse tricky situations, and keep you safe at all costs.

More Than a Bodyguard

Adequate executive or personal protection may require more than a bodyguard. Tactful Elite Security Solutions covers all the bases, from home and office security to ground and private air travel security.

Secure, Reliable Ground Transportation

Our Security Drivers are highly skilled behind the wheel. They're experienced in route planning, armored operations, and evasive driving techniques. We offer a range of executive protection and personal protection ground transportation services, including:

  • Armed and unarmed security drivers and chauffeurs
  • VIP transport services
  • Armed bodyguard drivers
  • Armed limousine drivers
  • Evasive drivers
  • Vehicle scramble plans
  • Secure transportation
  • Private Aircraft Security

Whether our clients need ground security or a Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure (TSCM) sweep of the aircraft to check for electronic eavesdropping devices, TESS ensures the security of the airplane from origination to destination and everywhere in-between. Aircraft security agents will keep unauthorized personnel away from the plane to prevent tampering or sabotage and keep a record of all activity and incidents at the aircraft.

Travel Advance Planning

Having security in place at all stops during domestic or foreign trips is essential for our traveling clients. Our logistics and operations team is located at our Operations Center on Florida's Space Coast. From here, TESS coordinates with local law enforcement and security agents to ensure seamless protection from location to location. At each destination, we arrange for secure ground travel and a pre-arrival on-site walk-thru with our local agents. We plan ahead for interactions with the media and the public, such as photo ops and presentations. Throughout the trip, we stay informed of and prepared for any domestic or international threats that could put our clients at risk.

Other Executive and Personal Protection Services

Tactful Elite Security Solutions offers a range of other executive and personal protection services. These include family member protection and home security systems as well as background checks for executive employees, mail screening, and other precautions to ensue the safety of clients who may be at personal risk. We also offer comprehensive corporate and special event security for events of all sizes.

Trust TESS for Executive and Personal Protection

Tactful Elite Security Solutions agents have the skill and expertise to protect individuals at risk due to their employment, celebrity status, wealth, location, or associations. With decades of combined experience, our competent, professional staff can keep you safe and sound in even the most critical situations.

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