Event Security

Special events--with their large crowds, complex venues, and VIPs--pose a multitude of unique security challenges that require extensive preparations and a high level of hands-on management. No two events are ever the same, and a skilled event security team will rise to myriad challenges, both expected and unexpected.

The most important considerations when planning a large event include access control and crowd management. Access control refers to the ways in which attendees enter the event as well as to special areas in the venue where access needs to be limited, such as green rooms, backstage areas, and VIP seating sections.

Crowd management can be a complicated task, particularly for a large event or one that fills a venue to capacity. Managing crowds includes foot traffic control, pat-downs and bag searches, solving interpersonal disputes, safely removing problematic attendees, and ensuring the personal safety of the crowd. All of this must be done with the utmost diplomacy.

Tactful Elite Security Solutions has the experience, expertise, and skills required to ensure a successful and safe event for everyone.

Preparation is Key

Ensuring the safety and security of VIPs and event attendees alike is no small task. It requires impeccable planning. Understanding the complexities of the venue and the level of access control needed is critical for ensuring adequate manpower and preemptively solving problems.

Long before the event takes place, our seasoned security professionals evaluate the venue and the event and decide on the best strategies, tools, and personnel needed for the highest level of security. This behind-the-scenes work requires a highly capable, detail-oriented team that understands all aspects of event security and follows the industry's best practices protocol to execute it. To successfully prepare for an event, the TESS security team works to:

  • Test and review any electronic security methods in place, such as metal detection, to ensure they interface with other security solutions.
  • Evaluate a range of factors--including the type of event, the nature of the VIPs, and the number of people expected to attend--to adequately staff and monitor the event.
  • Coordinate with security staff and local law enforcement and other officials to prevent or quickly solve problems.
  • Appoint key personnel and establish a chain of command to keep communication lines open and the event running smoothly.

Skillful Security Ensures Safety and Success

From concert halls to conference centers and from large public events to small private parties, Tactful Elite Security Solutions is equipped to cover all of your event security needs, from the smallest details to the biggest issues. Our elite team of professionals includes experienced security experts, skilled off-duty and former law enforcement and military personnel, and a highly capable logistics and operations team that coordinates to make it all happen without a hitch.

During the event, our highly professional Security Specialists keep people moving, keep things peaceful, and ensure the law is followed and the rules obeyed. Armed or unarmed, our Specialists follow all standard security procedures and adhere to protocol. TESS Security Specialists work together to provide:

  • Access and perimeter control
  • Line management
  • List management
  • ID checks, pat-downs, and metal-detecting
  • Enforcement of rules, regulations, and laws
  • Assistance for medical and other emergencies
  • Pedestrian and traffic control
  • Parking enforcement
  • Paparazzi and media control
  • Personal protection for VIPs

Why Choose Tactful Elite Security Solutions for Your Event Security?

Tactful Elite Security Solutions has extensive experience providing customized security for all kinds of special events, both large and small. Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated security professionals is serious about protecting your interests and the public's health and safety at your next event.

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