Security Guards

A security guard or security team can protect your home or business around the clock to ensure safety and security and prevent theft, vandalism, and other crime. Tactful Elite Security Solutions provides highly skilled security guards to give you peace of mind and let you focus fully on your job knowing that we're doing ours.

Optimal Security for Home and Business

There are a number of reasons you may be considering hiring a security guard for your home or business. Whether you've had an incident or are concerned about possible trouble, TESS security agents are prepared to protect your assets and your safety.

At home, a security guard ensures the safety of our clients and their families by keeping watch over the property and remaining alert for signs of trouble at all times. A security guard can man an entrance gate, secure the perimeter of the property, monitor security cameras, and escort residents and visitors on and off the grounds.

At a place of business, a security guard can monitor the comings and goings of visitors, check IDs and badges, patrol the area by car or on foot, escort employees or clients out after dark, and take witness statements or collect evidence in the event a crime or other incident occurs.

TESS Security Guards: Highly Skilled and Fully Trained

Tactful Elite Security Solutions takes pride in our professional, competent security staff. Our armed and unarmed security officers are among the finest professionals in the security industry. We carefully screen our guards and provide extensive, comprehensive training to ensure all of our agents are well-versed in and prepared for a wide range of situations, including workplace violence, protecting personal and business assets and handling trespassers and disorderly individuals. Our experienced security staff is comprised primarily of off-duty and former law enforcement officers and military personnel.

All TESS security guards are trained and tested proficient in public relations, CPR, First Aid, patrol protocol, bomb threats, and fire drills. Additional ongoing training and professional development ensures all of our guards are up-to-date with industry best practices, protocol, and procedures. For clients with unique needs, we offer additional, specialized training to ensure the highest level of safety and security no matter what the circumstances.

No Situation is Too Simple or Too Complex for TESS

TESS offers professional security guard services for virtually any need and any site, including:

  • Residences
  • Apartment complexes
  • Construction sites
  • Private aircraft
  • Retail stores
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Government offices
  • Special events

Whether you need a permanent, around-the-clock security guard for your home or business or you require a team of security personnel for a one-off special event, TESS delivers the most competent, professional guards in the business.

The Benefits of On-Site Security

Preventing theft, violence, vandalism, trespassing, and other crimes saves time, money, and resources. The mere presence of a security guard acts as an effective deterrent against problems at your business or residence. In the event trouble occurs, our security guards will secure the site and coordinate with local law enforcement and emergency personnel to ensure swift resolution.

A security guard lets you focus on running your business or relaxing at home with the knowledge that everything is under control outside. It helps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your family or your employees and customers. It can even reduce insurance costs for your home or business.

Choose TESS For Your Security Needs

Tactful Elite Security Solutions has the expertise and experience needed to provide you with the exact kind of security you want for your residence or workplace. Our dedicated agents operate with the highest level of skill and professionalism and work hard to ensure the safety and security of you and your assets.

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