Nic Moretto is one of the founders and President of Tactful Elite Security Solutions. He has thirteen years experience in the security industry. He graduated from the police academy in 2008 and has studied Criminal Justice at Eastern Florida State University.

Nic has worked in and managed various security fields such as Event and Concert Security, Casino Security, Residential and Commercial Property SecurityExecutive Protection and Personal Protection Security.

Nic has been providing Executive Protection services since 2007. In that time he has successfully managed and worked on Executive Protection teams and details for various clients .

Nic has been training in martial arts since he was six years old . He has studied Kenpo, Brazilian ju jitsu , Akido , Judo, and has extensive training in firearms including 9mm, Ar- 15 and shotgun training .

Nic also has had training in close quarter combat, edgeblade, weapon retention, defensive tactics, chemical agents and vehicle operations.

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At Tactful Elite Security Solutions (T.E.S.S), our main objective is to have the highest level of customer service and provide the best security resources available to our clients.