Tacuma Brown is one of the founders and CEO of Tactful Elite Security Solutions with over 21 years experience in the executive protection/security industry. 

Tacuma is highly educated in executive protection and the security field. He graduated from the law-enforcement academy in 1994, and furthered his education in Criminal Justice at Eastern Florida State College. He achieved his executive protection certification in 2010 at R.L. Oatman & Associates, Inc. His experiences include several years of both domestic and international travels, protecting highly profiled CEOs and dignitaries to local security at residential locations and businesses.

Tacuma has served as a trainer for security operations, close protection detail and security agent drivers. As noted above, Tacuma Brown's 21 years of experience can assure his clients of true professional and reliable service.

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At Tactful Elite Security Solutions (T.E.S.S), our main objective is to have the highest level of customer service and provide the best security resources available to our clients.