Tactful Elite Security Solutions & A.S.P have collaborated on security details and Govt contracts over the last few years. T.E.S.S is always dependable and available on short notice. The clients we provide services to are always very pleased with how professional T.E.S.S. conducts themselves. I highly recommend Tactful Elite Security Solutions.

Eric Pohland

Tactful Elite Security Solutions is professional and gets the job done . I’ve used this company for multiple years . Their guards are always courteous and pay close attention to detail . T.E.S.S. is community oriented & result driven , I definitely would recommend Tactful Elie Security Solutions for Security services for your property!

Linda Breaux

Tactful Elite Security Solutions is dependable and a reputable subcontractor who we use to assist on a variety of special assignments throughout the state of Florida. T.E.S.S  has become a trusted partner &. Nic Moretto and his staff provide exceptional responsiveness. T.E.S.S is incredibly adaptive and resourceful in meeting emergency requirements and circumstances, and consistently earns the highest quality ratings. I highly recommend Nic Moretto and Tactful Elite Security Solutions to anyone seeking a dependable, agile, and responsive security partner of the highest quality and ethical standards.

James Pitts

Tactful Elite Security Solutions is a well trained and professional security agency . Nic Moretto and his team have partnered with the Family Christmas Extravaganza in palm bay December 2017-2018-2019 . They provided excellent service and a sense of peace to all that attended.

Rob Medina

T.E.S.S is truly an amazing company. The King Center has used their security services since 2018.  Tactful is dependable and friendly with patrons while still maintaining a professional demeanor. I would highly recommend it for any event or security needs.

James Boukedes

The King Center of the Performing Arts, Melbourne Florida, has been using the Security Services of Tactful Elite Security Solutions since January 2018 exclusively at all our events at the King Center. I find their officers are reliable, courteous, and professional in their manner with our patrons and with our talent which is very important to us. I would recommend Tactful Elite Security Solutions to anyone requiring Security for Events and I am confident in their ability in fulfilling whatever your security needs may be.
Steve Janicki King Center for the Performing Arts

Steve Janicki